M.I.Z. ,YUICHI MIZUSAWA is a composer and music producer who has an established reputation for large-scale compositions and performances created through overdubbing with a synthesizer. Born in Japan in 1960, M.I.Z. helmed the music for the Kaneto Shindō-scripted film Tokyo Intersection (Citation award – Drama, 1991 Montreux International Electronic Cinema Festival). He has scored films such as The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws, The Laws of Eternity, and Body Jack, and the television program NHK Special Qin Shi Huang, as well as produced music for "The 1,200th Anniversary of the Heian Relocation, Museum of Kyoto - Great Tang Chang'an Exhibit," Nagasaki Huistenbosch theme park, and Asahi Kasei commercials (Best Series of the Year, ACC Awards). While composing this wide body of work, which also includes his numerous pieces written as a member of a project produced by synthesizer-music authority Isao Tomita, M.I.Z. strives to create a new world of music based in unique themes.

Globally-renowned synthesizer-musician Isao Tomita stated the following about the music of M.I.Z., who was a member of Tomita's project team: "Along with a sense of scale reminiscent of Wagner and Mahler, his music exudes a mysterious feeling akin to the moment when the sun peeks out from behind clouds lined with gold and pours its light down onto the earth in infinite rays" (From the NHK Special Qin Shi Huang Original Soundtrack CD). Praise for M.I.Z. is exceedingly high. In Japan, he has produced music for numerous movies, television shows, commercials, and events, contributing greatly to each project's success. However, why did M.I.Z. until now refuse to take the spotlight even though his talent was long recognized as first-class? It is likely he was waiting for his time to come. Now, at last, he releases this album to the world. Who will be first to discover this "treasure of Asia"? Finally, listeners worldwide will witness how M.I.Z.'s music, like the rising sun, illuminates the hearts of the people of Earth.

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